Our Process

Our Process

No two projects are ever the same, but we do work using processes that allows us to deliver the solution to your problem with consistency, transparency and open communications. Naturally, some of these steps below won't apply to certain types of stand-alone projects such as a website hack recovery or website performance audit, but plugin development, front end development and full website development will always start with a discovery meeting or call.


Let's meet up in person, online or on a call and discover what you feel your website should be doing and why it even exists in the first place. Let's also figure out who you are looking to attract and serve as your client or customer. We will also audit your entire website or diagnose your technical problem.


Based on what we discover, we will work out a plan of action together. We will prioritise the action points raised in line with any budget constraints you may have. We will then agree a project brief, actual deliverables and measurable outcomes that we will use to deliver a succesful project.


This is where we go into action and carry out the work we've agreed upon within the timeframe and budget set out in the proposal. We develop and test the solution in a staging environment and ask you to confirm and approve any agreed stage deliverables. We will then prepare for launch & release of the final deliverable.


At the point of delivery, we will prepare the live environment so that any breaks in service to your clients will be kept to an absolute minimum. Everything from a simple technical WordPress fix, a custom plugin, front end development to a full website will be pre-flight tested, delivered and launched as planned and promised.

care plan

Although optional, we highly recomend that you consider having your WordPress website professionally maintained. Your site's health and security should be paramount and we can offer a simple, ongoing support arrangement which can also include content updates for the busier website owner. We do warranty all of our work for 30 days after project delivery and encourage you to consider our Care Plan options.

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