SEO or search engine optimization concept

Is wordpress good for seo?

Quite often we are asked about whether WordPress is SEO friendly and whether using WordPress to build a site will help in the race to the top of the Google search engine. SEO is a very specialised subject and there are many facets to gaining success in in the search engines and one of them …

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Gadgets with software

Essential Steps to Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure

There are often a few questions asked by many new WordPress users. How do I keep my WordPress site secure? Are there any essential things I can do to prevent security compromises and hackers? Many of the popular blogs and websites (about 40% of all websites in fact) sites on the internet are created using …

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Is It Time to Hire a WordPress Consultant?

In today’s business world, we’re all living in a connected society. We use the internet to communicate with our friends and family members, find jobs, sell products and even socialise at events like weddings. But as this connectivity has increased so have the number of cyberattacks on both private individuals and businesses. This is where …

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