Get your WordPress website project unstuck

You already know that having a website these days is a necessity and you really shouldn’t rely 100% on social media platforms that can change their plans, sell up or even remove you from their system if they so choose.

Being available around the clock, no matter what your business or organisation offers is simply essential. Your credibility is enhanced (people will try to check you out, even after a recommendation!) and you can offer a way for clients, customers, prospects, donors, or even talent for your team to make contact with you at any time.

If you just need a quick fix now, then maybe we can resolve your problem with our No Fix-No Fee service where we will spend up to one hour on fixing your problem for a fixed fee of just £90.

Who Are We Doing This For?

Our focus is on helping small and growing businesses in the Edinburgh & Lothians area win new customers and clients through website development, website performance and online digital brand awareness.

Most of our clients are themselves providing valuable local services, are family-owned, have less than 25 employees or are brand new startups.

We love to help smaller business position themselves online credibly so that they can seriously compete and win new business for themselves against the “big dogs”.

local business wordpress support
wordpress support in edinburgh

Focus on your business

Focus on making your business forge ahead, not your poorly performing website.

Many business owners really struggle to keep their websites looking great and delivering results.

So, we created some managed services that help them ensure their website performs to its absolute best and allows these business owners to focus on growing their business and not website performance and technical problems.

Let us be your guide to getting the best results from your website. Your credibility is reflected in your website which is the online home of your brand and the destination of your marketing.

Fix that WordPress site

We specialise in WordPress and we know that roughly 90 per cent of all the hacked content management systems (CMS) in 2018 were WordPress sites.

WordPress is amazing but does need regular attention to keep it free from compromise.

Get that WordPress website problem fixed before it impacts your reputation online. Become better informed without the need for endless Googling and take charge of your site with a high-level performance audit and deep-dive technical investigation.

fix wordpress errors
wordpress specialist case

Your wordpress Specialist

WordPress has been around for almost two decades and is extremely popular serving around one in three of all websites you will see in your browser today.

40,000+ WordPress websites (more than 70% of all WordPress installations) are vulnerable to hacker attacks. It’s critical that you protect your WordPress site from vulnerabilities by keeping the core software, themes and plugins up to date at all times.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to hand over your WordPress site to someone who really understands it and knows how to get the best out of your WordPress website, keep it up to date and protect it by backing the site up every day?

Start Getting Results Today

There are lots of ways you can get your website up and running yourself, including several “self-service” options like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress.com, and Weebly, to name a few. But who’s got the time, the patience or the skill to figure out these platforms and get you “looking your best”?

That’s why many turn to a web designer or a website developer for professional help, and you might be ready to do that now.
However, from our experience, finding a website developer who offers to support your site fully with design, marketing and technology support can be a bit harder to find. Big agencies, of course, can offer this, but at “big agency” prices.

In many cases, smaller agencies, freelance designers & developers don’t want the hassle of the ongoing technical support and upkeep of your website and will happily teach you some basic maintenance tasks. They then hand you off to your web hosting company and wish you “good luck”.

Some of the clients we now work with have either been abandoned or lost contact with their original website designer or developer. They found themselves completely stuck with an insecure website, in poor health or even completely broken. The complexities of maintaining the health and security of a WordPress based website, in particular, was just a step too far for them and so they found us and asked us to step in and help.

Today, the good news is that you too can move forward confident in the knowledge that your website project will be a resounding success. Your website will be delivered within an agreed budget and fully supported professionally into the future,  leaving you to focus on your core business and not on trying to fix or maintain your website.


Tell us what you need!

If you require technical support and have a support contract in place with us, please use this link to open a ticket

If you need a WordPress fix but don’t have a support contract with us, please use our No Fix – No Fee service at this link.


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